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Maiko Teahouse, Sakata City 

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【Notification of the new admission fee and the name change announcement

Due to an increase of expenses, we have determined that we will raise prices of our admission fee from September 1st regarding the price list below.  And we would also like to inform we will change our name to “Maiko Chaya Somaro / Yumeji Takehisa Museum ”

 We appreciate your understanding in this issue.


Note: Please understand that the reservation made by August 31st will be charged at the old prices. 


Thank you for your patronage and further support in the future.

New admission fees (from September 1st)

  • Admission fees (tours

   Adult: 1,000yen

   Highschool/Middle School student: 500yen

   Elementary school student and under: free


  • Admission fees with Maiko Dance performance and Souvenir photos with Maiko

   Adult: 1,800yen

   Highschool/Middle School student: 1,000yen

   Elementary school student and under: free


  • Admission fees with Maiko Dance performance, Special Maiko lunch, souvenir photos with Maiko and Maiko’s senjafuda*

   (*senjafuda=sticker that were originally used as shrine offerings but nowadays are enjoyed as accessories.

   Original meaning of senjafuda is 1,000-shrine tags.)

  Admission fees are different in the type of lunch.

  • There is a 10% discount for parties 10 or more and for disabled individuals

Type of lunch


Local seafood Chirashi Sushi


Classic Maiko Kaiseki cuisine


Special Una-juu

(marinated tender eel over a box of rice)


Kids meal

(12 and under)













Highschool/Middle School student










Elementary school student and under













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