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Maiko Teahouse, Sakata City 

The Exterior of Somaro

Somaro is located in the center of the downtown area of Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture. It can be easily accessed from Sakata Station via a short taxi ride or a brisk 20 minute walk.

For customers coming via car, Somaro features two parking lots free for you to use. 

Details on how to reach Sakata City are provided below.    


Somaro can be searched by entering the following address into Google Maps.  

1-2-20 Hiyoshichō Sakata,

Yamagata,998-0037 Japan

The address of Somaro 

By Train

Sakata can be reached via train from Tokyo Station.  The JR Pass may also be used for this route.  

This route involves one brief transfer at Niigata Station.  

From Tokyo Station you will board the double decker JR MAX Toki Bullet train, the only two story bullet train operating in Japan!  

The ride to Niigata Station is about 2 hours and offers great views of the Japanese countryside.  

Once arriving at Niigata Station, you will transfer to the Inaho Express train.  The ride to Sakata is about 2 hours and 10 minutes.  

Please note that the Inaho express train runs a very limited number of times per day.  

We recommend using Google Maps to help plan your trip so you can book trains that will connect with each other.  


An example train itinerary

Getting to Somaro 

By Car

We highly recommend renting a car when visiting this region of Japan!

Our facility features two parking lots free for you to use.  You can find them marked in green on the illustration to the right. 

Shonai features many stunning hikes and temples that are largely inaccessible without a car.  

Additionally driving in Shonai is very easy as the roads are wide and there is hardly any traffic.  

The parking lots of Somaro (marked in green)

Via Plane 

At a comparable cost to the bullet train, you can also fly directly to Sakata City from Haneda Airport. 

ANA operates 3 flights per day.

You will be flying from Haneda Airport (terminal 2) to Shonai Airport.  

Jetstar Airways  also 1 flights per day from Narita Airport.

Best of all the flight is only 1 hour! 

The hidden japan

An ANA plane taking off from Haneda Airport 


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